Membership Benefits

Legislative Representation

One of the most important services provided by the Association is to be a voice of its members. AHA monitors legislative activity and regulatory measures at the local and state level that affect the hospitality business.


Studies show that more than 77% of hotel employees in Ethiopia are not professionals which could fit the standard of hotels in the country. In order to fill this gap, the association has been giving different kinds of trainings at AHA training center which designed to build the capacity of member hotel employees and to enhance their performance.

Membership Directory   

Moreover we have Addis Ababa Hotel Guide that is being produced every year. This guide has the entire list of Members and tourism partners who have valuable services to offer for travelers to the city. In addition this guide will be available in all international organizations in Addis Ababa such as African Union (AU), European Union (EU), United Nation offices (UN), world health organization (WHO), International Labor Organization (ILO) Ethiopian air lines, Tour and travel agency office, embassies in Addis Ababa and in all Ethiopian embassies found in countries around the world

Update members with different information

The Association gives out updated information on upcoming trainings, conferences, meetings, events, legislative activities and other local issues along with a host of other valuable information.

Promotion work

Member hotels will be promoted on the biggest trade fairs in the world such as ITB Berlin, WTM London, LA Trade fairs in the United States. Moreover Member hotels will be listed FREE on the Association’s web portal: which has was developed in collaboration with Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Member hotels are listed alphabetically in the member section and can also advertise their hotels on the web-portal. Moreover member hotels will get full updated information about the hotel industry everyday through the web portal.

Hospitality Management Scholarship

The Association will award Scholarships Opportunities for member hotel employees in collaboration with Ethiopian Hotels and Tourism Institute and other government and private hotel and tourism colleges by selecting employees based on their performance and engagement to work for the success of hospitality industry.

Resource center

The Association also has a resource center stocked with books and researches available for member hotel employees for reference purpose.
The association also planning to conduct Job fair once a year which can creates conducive environment for hotels to meet with proper and professional employees.

Job fair

The association also planning to conduct Job fair once a year which can creates conducive environment for hotels to meet with proper and professional employees.                                          


Bring out MICE

We are planning to bring MICE /Meetings, Incentives, Convention, Expo/ in Ethiopia in collaboration of Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MOFED/ and other stakeholders; which could create huge working environment for all our member hotels.


Requirements to be a member
  • To fill out the members application form
  • One copy of the hotel’s license
  • Finalize one year membership fee payment


Membership Fee

Annual Membership fee is calculated based on the number of rooms available for rent.

Number of Rooms    Fee Per Annum  (In birr)
10-50                          8,400.00
51-100                        10,800.00
101-150                      12,000.00
151-200                      13,200.00
Above 200                   14,400.00

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